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Made 2 sales off of livejournal

So I am happy that my items are getting attention although not enough by my standards. Lol, I wont be happy until everything in my shop sales in one day. lol. Anyway, I joined some cosplay and kawaii groups here on livejournal and have been pleased that I made one initial sale from someone seeing my ad and one sale from that person referring another person to me. One sale was for $7 and the second was for $24 so I was very excited. I just consider it two sales from livejournal. I am going to be joining some new groups today that may be interested in my products!

Also, got my shop featured on a radio show in another state so that is super fantastically awesome. They are going to feature my shop again and do a giveaway for me. I offered to give away a $10 gift certificate and a $20 gift certificate. I think I will do another ad for each of the groups that I joined to direct them to the live show and hear the giveaway. If you want to hear the live webcast that will feature my shop, you can go here http://communityradio.coop/
and click on the button in the right top corner on Monday at 11pm and listen until 1am!

Here is the ad that I have been putting on the group pages just so you all can see it. I wish I knew more about HTML and cut text and such so that I could add links into my pics that lead to either my shop or specific items...

New items in shop! Willing to do custom hats and or pendants! Pendants- only $7 for a completely custom pendant. $12 for necklace! Order now before Monday the 2nd day of March, 2009 and recieve 10% off of your order of $35 or more when you mention that you saw this ad on livejournal! Make sure and message me before purchasing so that I can adjust pricing for you!
or email me at
beads_elegance@yahoo.com for more details!

I hate allergies!

I love this time of the year, when it begins to get warmer so that you can wear a tee out or even a light jacket. But I hate the allergies that come with it. Right now we are interested in keeping our utility bills low by keeping the balcony door open and the fan bringing in the relatively nice breeze. However, the dreaded allergies are coming in with that breeze and I have yet to make it to wal-mart to stock up on the cheap off brand of allergy medicine that seems to work well enough for me. In fact, we buy about two or three bottles of it at the beginning of spring and it normally lasts the rest of the year so that by the time the next spring rolls around, we are up for new stock! lol. Anyway, I am going to be productive today and pack, pack, pack. I just hope that the combined allergies from outside and the cardboard dust from the cardboard boxes, isnt too much for me. I can be completely overwhelmed by sneezing and will literally spend the better part of an hour with a sneezing fit. I know that I have been prone to sneezing repeatedly for years but it has gotten to the ridiculous point of not knowing the record sneezing fit anymore. I know it is somewhere over 70 repetitive sneezes but that just seems outrageously unrealistic even to me (the one who is doing it). Im good at breaking records though and I just wish that this was one that I could be more proud of. lol. Oh well, looking at the good side of it- um, remind me again- oh yeah, it means spring is around the corner as is the ren faire. Im hesitant about going because i have put on so much weight. It's not like there arent plenty of heavy people there but I had dropped so much of my poundage and was really looking good the last time that I went- I just dont want to be seen as the ballooning type when I go back. Of course, who is likely to remember me anyway? Geez, I'm depressing myself just thinking about it. The ren faire has so many good memories and then again, it has some really bad ones too, and the crappy thing is, that it reminds me often enough of the way things will never be again. It reminds me how things use to be, and that I can never have that again. I wonder if she'll go with me, even just once, just us like old times. I hated being the sidekick then, but should have known that I could never shine as brightly, and should have just appreciated basking in the warmth of the sun while I could...

Wow, all of that just from allergies? What is with me these days?

New updates in blog and in shop

I have posted new anime/kawaii and cosplay pendants and hats. I have also posted new kawaii earrings and hairties! So check out my shop

and check out my blog- having some neat promotional giveaways as well so check out past posts as well


and check out this contest to win a FREE ONE!




Japanese style animal hats

Ok, so since I have started making these, I have got nothing but rave and good reviews on them. I have sold a few and had requests for more. I am a busy gal. http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r194/gildawen/101_0941.jpg

Ok, so here is the plan. I opened a google blogspt account up and it will be directly devoted to my crafts because I have a ton. If only I could have another apartment directly devoted to my crafts! Lol! Ummm link... http://www.beautifulandcraftypirate.blogspot.com/

Then I plan on trying to get my stock and individual personal designs bulked up alot. I checked out Tokyo in Tulsa and it is only $75 registration for a 6 ft table and a $1.88 fee of some sort. So it would be $75.88 total to have a table in the artists/vendors section of TokyoInTulsa. It would be sooooo cool. I bought a ton of pink and black fleece at the hobby store yesterday so that I can start to stock up. My only concern is that people may not be as willing to buy in the middle of July (that is when it takes place if memory serves me correctly). But if I do go, I only have to sell three hats to take care of my fees and such. But if I am to do this, I am setting up a deadline for myself. I always say that I am going to do stuff like this but then I back down due to fear of failure. But truth be told, worse case scenario is that I go with a ton of hats and only sell a few. I know I will sell some because they are too cool but I would worry that I wouldn't make decent profit. Of course, it will still be fun to go even if I couldn't sell a ton. AND, it would give me an excuse to cosplay, I could probably work with a character that I could make a hat for. I thought about reprising my role as Gaara and making a sand demon hat to cove the top portion of my face. That way I could still see when walking and talking. Ugh. But I digress. Anyway, what was I saying?

Oh yeah, deadline... I want to have atleast 75 hats made before the end of February. It isn't that farfetched considering that I have been working really hard to perfect my patterns and such. The pattern making and the cutting of the fleece pieces is what takes the longest. But if I take one day a week to cut out all of the pieces that I need for all of the hats that I want to make for that week, then it will make it so much easier rather than stopping and starting and stopping and starting to cut and sew and then cut and sew, etc. (Can we say run-on sentence? Lol.) But, I can spit a hat out in about an hour if I am really focusing. If I do that 4 hours a day, then I can spit out 4 per day X 5 days per week= 20 hats per week. And since I said I am only wanting 75 before end of February, I should overcome that goal within the middle of February. And then if they are still accepting applicants for it, I will apply and I will still have until middle of July to stock up even more, just to be safe. And whatever I don't sell there, I can stick on my website! (Out of breath lol)

Anyway, that is the plan and since I have put it down in words, I will be much more likely to stick to it. That is how I am with just about everything. I have to make birthday and christmas gift lists or else I wont make anything for anyone because I will forget or it will go to the back of my mind. I digress again! Really though, that is it!

Mummy Franchise

Ok, so is anyone else so p.o'ed that the new Mummy movie is so screwed up. The role of Evey given to some amateur, the son all grown up while the parents remain the same age, and the terrible story line. Oh, and don't forget that O'Fehr(sp) was left out of it... So here is the petition site to go to if you are interested in signing it. I appreciate it and hope you will send it to your friends as well and/or maybe post on your journal to keep it moving!


lost some weight

Okay, so I am down by 4 more pounds. Here is the ticker tracker again!

happy, just happy

I know I have a wide variety of music that I like but I am listening to Gavin Degraw right now and his voice just makes me so happy. I feel so content. Its funny I have different music for different moods. Like if I am in a bad mood and I want to feel happy, I could listen to him or Shinedowns Simple Man. If I am in a bad mood and want to feel like kicking somebody in the face, I listen to Paramore or Pat Benatar. Lol. If I want to be feeled with hope, I listen to Train or Shinedown. And then there is just my rockin' it music too which is just about everything else. It's funny how much I am effected by music. I love it so much that it hurts sometimes. But right now, it just makes me happy... peacefully and blissfully happy.

More on the web...

Here is my website again for anyone who hasnt seen it...
I put some more items up on it. Some wings that I made for BJDs (they arent the best, but they are still cute. I will be making more soon. I found a different method of doing them so maybe I will work on that this week too. I also put up a headband that is sized for an SD sized doll or something equivalent to that. It measures approximately 15 cm and is slightly adjustable. Unfortunately, not having a doll of my own, I cant take pics of my stuff on dolls and everyone has been asking to see them on dolls. So, I contracted a few doll models. I offered free doll jewelry to people who would model the pieces on their dolls so that I could have rights to the pics. I got five volunteers all with different sized or types of dolls. I am planning on sending out some of my earcuffs to the first volunteer towards the end of this next week. Hopefully then, I will atleast be able to get the doll earcuffs on the web. Then I am also going to get some fleece this week from hobby lobby. They are having a 30% off sale on all of their fleece. So I will go and buy a couple yards of different colors that I like and try my hand at making hats for dolls and humans alike. I want to make animal hats. They are so cute...

Anyway, the other big project that I will be working on will be Galadriel's crown. I have been offered to do this commissioned piece for a girl that I met on the denofangels forum. She wants matching pieces for herself and her doll. I have to admit that after looking at the pics, I first was sort of dumbfounded. Then I did a little bit of research and found more pics and such. After a little while, I realized that it wouldn't be as hard as it looked. It is really more or less a lot of different pieces of wire, curled and shaped, hammered flat on top of each other, probably soldered together and then shaped to form a crown. Of course the hammered gold leaves looked daunting at first but really there are several options for this. I can either use gold embossing sheet metal or regular stainless steel sheet metal, hammered and cut to my liking and then paint it gold with a paint that does well on metals. My client knows that the expenses of the time spent on this project alone, will be pretty pricey but she would like to keep her cost down as much as possible so the leaves will probably be made out of the later version. Of course you can't solder stainless steel to easily so I decided to go with a fake soldering method. Also, need to check out how well, gold colored craft wire flattens... whether or not it will hold its color after being beaten flat. If not, I may have to opt for painting pieces of copper or go for the real thing. If I use real gold, the price of this project will go up drastically so we will just have to see... Here is what the crown looks like upside down and from behind. Pretty intricate ya think?

Oh, and I also want to try my hand at venetian style masks but that may be a while since I have about a billion and one other things on my list and because I dont have any more room for anything crafty... I need an entire studio I think. Maybe some day in the future after all of this takes off, I can have one. It would be awesome. At least I have dreams. Anyway, I think that is all for now...

Commissioned Piece and Date/Movie Night

Paul and I had a date/movie night. We brought home carry-out and rented a couple of movies- Hellboy2 and Kung-Fu Panda. They were both pretty good. It really helped to have a nice evening alone with the hubby since he has been working so much lately, I really miss him. I just wish I could get my car fixed. We put a new battery in it this last Tuesday and he is going to switch out the spark plugs and wires this Tuesday. I need my car and then I can get a job out in the real world. I miss it. I just miss going out and doing things. And I hate that my husband has to carry all of the financial weight around. I mean, I know it's his responsibility for finances as my husband but I hate it! I dont have any kids yet and stuff is slow with MaryKay so during my free time, I should be able to work some. It would be nice to see him more often and have these date nights more frequently. But I cant complain with what I do get. Our relationship is growing so much and I trust him so much more than I use to. He is really a great guy.

Anyway, someone on denofangels asked me to do a commissioned set for her. She wants matching reproductions of Galadriels crown from LotR for both herself and her doll. I told her it wouldnt be a problem but I wouldnt be able to get the materials until after christmas. Lack of money you know. But it is going to require a fair amount of work. It will require weaving wire, flattening and shaping, soldering and even making hammered golden leaves. I will probably make them out of sheet metal, painted gold (because she doesn't want precious metals because of the price). It is going to be a fair amount of money anyway, just because of the work and time that it is going to require. Here's the link to it if you want to see what I am up against. In this pic it is actually upside down and this is the back side... http://www.alleycatscratch.com/lotr/Elf/Galadriel/Accessories/Galadriel_Crown_sj.jpg